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October 2011
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What a whirlwind over the past few months!!

Hello out there!!  I wanted to take a few moments to reflect over the past couple months and the energy that our kiddos, our staff, and our parents have exerted to get Prospect Preschool Academy to the top of its game.  During a recent state inspection, the inspectors were amazed by our curriculum and called it the strongest, most comprehensive, and most appropriate in the area.  As you may know, we meet with Kindergarten teachers from Harmony and Goshen Elementary to learn of their expectations for the incoming class.  We then exceed them in every way. 
Enough of the shop talk.  We are having a blast nurturing and educating our kids.  They are some of the brightest, most well behaved and interesting kids around.  We had a young three year old last week identify every letter and number of a set of six dice.  Impressive given that some of those numbers go up to 100.  We have a young two year old fully potty trained and darn proud of it!!  We have exceptional children everywhere you turn, and I can't thank the parents enough for their trust and belief in us.  Soon we will be adding our fencing for the one year old playground.  After that, we will be advancing our technology program with new computing stations.  The list goes on and will never be finished.  Always room to improve, we refocus and redouble our efforts every morning. 
Finally, I want to thank the hard working teachers who make this special place the nurturing and educating environment that is here now.  Through their hard work, zero absenteeism, and dedication to the children, our teachers are quite simply the best out there.  If you are a parent, you already know.  If you are looking for child care, come check them out.  Gotta go...more fun to be had!!

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