We specialize in the care and education of Infants through Pre-K. We are currently enrolling!! - Your Child Will Love School Every Day at PPA!

Our Preschool Curriculum 
Ages two through Prek

Our preschool curriculum promote a more structured academic learning environment.  Our studies allow for both child-initiated and teacher-directed activities.

Language Arts     Although reading and writing abilities continue to develop throughout the life span, the early childhood years—from birth through age eight—are the most important period for literacy development.     Children take their first critical steps toward learning to read and write very early in life.  Our lessons promote reading readiness through phonics, reading and writing on a daily basis.  Our children enter kindergarten already at the head of their class!

Math     A high-quality, challenging, and accessible mathematics education for three-to-six-year-old children is a vital foundation for future mathematics learning. In every early childhood setting, children should experience effective, research-based curriculum and teaching practices.   Math helps children develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Just as the brain is "pre-wired" to learn and use language, it is also a part of human nature to learn and use math concepts.  As children begin crawling and walking, they explore, handle objects and notice the sizes of their toys. They start to form ideas about their environment, naturally. With these activities, children learn the basics of math such as grouping and sorting, exploring the space around them, recognizing patterns, estimating and predicting, measuring and understanding the concepts of time.  Our math curriculum builds on these concepts and uses hands-on activities to further promote the learning of more abstract concepts. 

THE FUN AND LEARNING NEVER STOP...   In addition to the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic our teachers include social studies, science, sensory activities and much more in all of their daily lessons.  PLUS, Enrichment Day delves further into science with labs and experiments, music class, art class and hip hop class.  Tumble to the Max, an exciting preschool gymnastics class,  and Spanish class are also taught weekly at Prospect Preschool Academy.

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