We specialize in the care and education of Infants through Pre-K. We are currently enrolling!! - Your Child Will Love School Every Day at PPA!
Infant Program

We understand that the first year of life is an essential time in early childhood development.  Every baby in our care will be provided not only a safe, secure environment but also lots of warm, loving adult interaction as well as peer interaction as soon as they are ready.  We also understand that every infant has their own unique routine for eating, sleeping and playing.  We work closely with parents to establish a personalized plan to meet these individualized needs.  

Each baby has their own crib to provide a sense of familiarity and comfort.  Infants are encouraged to reach, grasp, kick, hold, pull, crawl and stand.  We actively engage the babies through communication and language, music and sound.  Filled with books, blocks and age-appropriate toys, our infant room encourages discovery and exploration of texture, color, pattern, size and shape.  Whatever the needs of the baby, we are their to fulfill them!

Toddler Program
Climbing, exploring, painting, playing...  all are engaging activities our toddlers enjoy every day.  The toddlers have their own playground; however,  when it's rainy or cold outside we turn our room into a gymnastics arena.  But because we focus on a toddler's growth, self-esteem and natural curiosity we also begin circle time at this age.  Toddlers love to sing and dance, count and make animal noises.  Anything can be fun when you are a toddler! 

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