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How to Choose a Preschool

     Not all preschools are created equal.  It is important to learn the essentials before you choose your child's first educator.  All preschools should be safe, clean and provide a nurturing environment, but there should also be so much more...

Curriculum (How are the children taught?)
*What is the curriculum?
*Does the preschool work with area elementary schools, ensuring that the preschool students are not only prepared for kindergarten but are at the top of their kindergarten class?
*Does the preschool provide enrichment activities to enhance their basic curriculum?

Teaching Methods
*Does the preschool's educational philosophy mirror yours?  Does the preschool provide both time for structured curriculum, building concept upon concept as well as free learning time to wander and discover at their own pace?
*Do children do their own work or do teachers do it for them?
*Does the preschool inspire students to embrace challenge and find joy and self-worth through achievement? 
*Do the teachers encourage good manners and promote other such basic life skills?

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